The PostMaster Range

Mini on Avant


Our Mini PostMaster fits machines from 1.5 – 3T. It fits directly to the bucket pins and can drive in posts up to 6” (150mm). The unit requires 2x hoses for operation/double acting service.

The Mini PostMaster is the smallest unit in the range, weighing on 180kgs, it’s compact design and light weight allows safe use on smaller host machines without compromising on stability.

Midi 1 50 smaller


Our Midi PostMaster fits machines from 2.5 – 5T. It fits directly to the bucket pins and can drive in posts up to 8” (200mm). The unit requires 2x hoses for operation/double acting service.

The Midi PostMaster is the big brother of the Mini, with more power available from larger host machines it is able to install a large variety of posts from 3” timber to straining posts and solar farm steel sections.

Maxi 50 smaller


Our Maxi PostMaster fits machines from 5 – 8T. It fits directly to the bucket pins and can drive in posts up to 10” (250mm). The unit requires 2x hoses for operation/double acting service.

The Maxi PostMaster has been designed with  full time contractors in mind, with double the live energy of the Midi PostMaster it boasts hard hitting performance with refined accuracy and speed.

Safety first blue

Faster install time coupled with the machine's range of movement, results in finished jobs ahead of schedule and larger profit margins for contractors.

The jaws ensure a secure grip allowing for accurate placement of the posts & the rare ability to vibrate the posts back out of the ground for repositioning or removing of old posts.

Less cumbersome and less pinch points than traditional falling weight machines helps you to comply with OHS and WHS Regulations.

The PostMasters are quieter for the operator, co-workers and nearby bystanders.

With readily available hitch and bracket manufacturers across Australia it makes the PostMaster range of Hydraulic post drivers easy to mount to a variety of different host machines.

They are fast and easy to remove once your post driving work is complete, allowing you to return your plant and equipment back to carrying out other tasks, such as lifting or digging.

With a spare hitch/head bracket to suit another host machine it allows the PostMasters to be interchangeable between host machines, allowing for greater flexibility of available plant equipment for contractors.

PostMaster Summary

Our PostMaster range allows the 2 man team to install posts faster, quieter and safer than conventional falling weight machines. The high pressure motor seal is compatible with the excavator or loader auxiliary double acting hydraulic service.

The unique post clamps hold the post securely with minimal damage, it also allows post extraction for old posts or for repositioning new ones. The jaws can be opened and closed by applying forward and reverse flow. The post clamp system offers 3 pre-set positions to allow a strong secure grip to the posts.

The clamp is easily changed to suit the type of post and material you choose to use, offering a strong connection for grabbing, positioning, repositioning, driving and extracting.

Jaws will suit round, square, pre formed channel or Z section posts made of timber, steel or composite material.

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Post Types: Each PostMaster can drive in different sizes, shapes and types of posts including round, square/H section, C/J section, Z section or pre formed channel.

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