Falling weight machines limit where you can install posts, The PostMaster range allows you to reach those tricky areas such as fencing around trees.


The jaws ensure a strong, secure grip allowing for accurate placement of the posts and the rare ability to vibrate the posts back out of the ground for easy repositioning or taking out old posts.

Range and Attachment

The PostMasters allow for greater range and easy attachment.

Post Types

Each PostMaster can drive in different sizes, shapes and types of posts including Round/Solid or hollow posts, Square or I Section (UB/UC), C Section (PFC), Z Section, Pre-formed channel. Made up of timer, steel or composite material.

Different Host Machines

With a suitable hitch/head bracket the PostMaster range can be mounted to many different host machines as can be seen in the photos below. Please contact us if you have any enquiries on your host machine.


Because of the PostMasters size and portability, they can easily be detached from your host machine and stored away until further use. Freeing up your host machine for other attachments.

Rock Spike

A Rock Spike acts as a pilot for the post. This is the same as using an auger in harder soil conditions, but has the clear advantage of not requiring the operator to change attachments in order to create the pilot hole, and as a result saves time. The spike can be gripped by the standard jaws and is vibrated into the soil to the desired depth and then vibrated and withdrawn. Standard size 60mm diameter x 1m length. Other sizes are available on request.

Customised Post Clamps

A wide range of clamps are available to suit posts of all shapes, sizes and material. If you have a special requirement other than the off the shelf jaws you can supply us with a drawing/profile of the top of the post and we can fabricate a set of jaws to suit application.

Post Types: Each PostMaster can drive in different types of posts

Installation Times

Installation times are approximately 15 seconds to 1 minute depending on your ground conditions and the type of posts you wish to drive in. The operator's experience and proficiency of the PostMaster and their host machine also comes into play. A hollow or pointed end post will drive in quicker than a solid or blunted end post. If the soil is found to be too hard, our Rock Spike attachment or an auger may be required.
A unique ability of the PostMasters is if you do hit a few rocks stopping you from proceeding in the posts current position, you just simply vibrate the post back out and reposition.
Like any other post driver on the market the PostMasters can not drive posts into rock, so make sure to test the soil conditions to the desired depth prior to driving in your posts. Testing the soil first will help by telling you what equipment/materials you might need on site and save you time having to stop work to retrieve them i.e. posts with pointed ends, hollow posts, our Rock Spike attachment and/or an auger for harder soils.   

Hydraulic PostMaster Jaws

With their hydraulic jaws the PostMasters have the rare ability to hold the post securely with minimal damage to the top, it also allows for post extraction of old posts or repositioning of new ones.

The jaws can be opened and closed by applying forward and reverse flow as shown in the below video.

Flow Control

For hard to reach jobs a larger host machine is sometimes necessary. To protect the motor and seals it may be necessary to add a flow control option to prevent internal damage to motor seals.

In general the PostMasters are matched to the host machine’s operational weight, hydraulic capacity and relief valve pressure but also on the size post you wish to drive in.

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