Unrivalled Versatility

 If you have more than one machine that you want to use the Postmaster with, and as long as it is matched to the hydraulic specifications in the below tables, it is easy to interchange the Postmasters between host machines by the use of a different mounting bracket/hitch. Simply remove the four bolts on the mounting bracket, and then bolt it to your other host machines bracket/hitch (custom bracket required) allowing greater flexibility than conventional falling weight post drivers on the market. Easy to fit on the back of your ute!

Jaws accept a large range of profiles, Round, Square, PFC, UB, Road Barrier etc. Hollow, Solid, Metal, Concrete, Composite and Timber.

Postmaster​ Range

For a post driver for sale, look no further than the PostMaster range!

The jaws are easily adjusted to suit the different size and type of posts offering a strong connection for grabbing, positioning, repositioning, driving and extraction of posts.

The PostMasters require 2 hoses for operation. (Double Acting Aux. Circuit).

The Mini Postmaster  is suited to machines in the 1.5 - 3 tonne range and the jaws accept posts from 70 - 150mm.​

​The Midi Postmaster  is suited to machines in the 2.5 - 5 tonne excavators, small skid steer loaders, back hoes, telescopic handlers, and boom arms. The standard jaws accept round or square posts from 70 - 200mm.

The Maxi PostMaster fits excavators from 5 – 8 tonne.  Larger machines can be used with flow restriction.

The Maxi PostMaster Jaws can drive in posts up to 250mm. The Maxi has been designed with full time contractors in mind, with double the live energy of the Midi it boasts hard hitting performance with refined accuracy and speed.

A high percentage of our customers who have hired the PostMaster see the versatility of the attachment

& buy a PostMaster soon after.

Mini PostMaster: Specifications

Mini Specifications

Our Mini PostMaster fits machines from 1.5 – 3T. It can drive in posts up to 6” (150mm).

The unit requires 2x hoses for operation/double acting service.

The Mini PostMaster is the smallest unit in the range, weighing on 180kgs, it’s compact design and light weight allows safe use on smaller host machines without compromising on stability.

IMG_0124 Avant post

Midi PostMaster: Specifications

Midi Specifications

Our Midi PostMaster fits machines from 2.5 – 5T. It can drive in posts up to 8” (200mm).

The unit requires 2x hoses for operation/double acting service.

The Midi PostMaster is the big brother of the Mini, with more power available from larger host machines it is able to install a large variety of posts from 3” timber to straining posts and solar farm steel sections.

The post clamp system or post jaws offers 3 pre-set positions to allow a strong secure grip to the posts.

MPM on Barge

Maxi PostMaster: Specifications

Maxi Specifications

Our Maxi PostMaster fits machines from 5 – 8T. It can drive in posts up to 10” (250mm).

The unit requires 2x hoses for operation/double acting service.

The Maxi PostMaster has been designed with  full time contractors in mind, with double the live energy of the Midi PostMaster it boasts hard hitting performance with refined accuracy and speed.

The clamp is easily changed to suit the type of post and material you choose to use, offering a strong connection for grabbing, positioning, repositioning, driving and extracting.

Maxi 50 smaller

Custom Self Propelled Tracked MIDI Post Driver With 5 AXIS Mast

The Manufacturer of the PostMasters have designed and built a custom Midi PostMaster mounted to a mast with 5 axis of movement to enable maximum adjustment to install posts at a wide range of positions and angles. This was then mounted on a specially designed purpose chassis and driven on a set of Hinowa expanding tracks for additional stability. The whole system was powered using hydraulics off a simple to console.

After testing, the machine was painted to the customer's company colours, delivered and is now installing over 400 posts a day in a field in Chelmsford, England.

Machine Features

  • Midi PostMaster - The standard post driver.
  • 5 Axis Mast - Enabling extensive movement.
  • Custom Chassis - Designed to withstand the high offset loadings.
  • Hydraulic Control - Ease of use across the industry.
  • 4 Cylinder Kubota Engine - Increase power and reliability.
  • Expanding Hinowa Track Base - Extra stability but compact for transport.
  • Pilot Operated Tracks - Reactive 2 speed control for simple driveability.

Are you looking for a custom made Postmaster? Contact us today!

Self Propelled Tracked Post Driver

PostMaster Advantages

The vibrating post driver offers a number  of  clear advantages over traditional falling weight machines:​

  1. Fast set up time no need to keep repositioning for perpendicular installation. (Tractor Mounted).
  2. Can be easily and safely operated by a two person team.
  3. ​Safer in Operation with less risk to installer from falling weights.
  4. ​Versatility improves production and reduces down time, resulting in increased productivity and earnings.
  5. ​Quieter.
  6. ​Improved Accuracy.
  7. ​Minimal ground disruption.
  8. ​Minimal damage to posts.​
  9. ​Posts can take full load immediately, no waiting for concrete to set.
  10. ​Unlike many other machines, posts can be extracted, re-positioned and re-used.
  11. When not in use simply detach it and store the Postmaster away, not like other stand alone vehicles.

Easy Adjustment

The jaws on the Postmaster are hydraulically operated and can accept different size posts. They can be adjusted by simply removing the pin and relocating it, widening or decreasing the opening width as can be seen below, and then by increasing the oil flow to the attachment the jaw will close and grip the post. Once the flow is increased further the PostMaster will begin to vibrate.

Pin Adjustment

The PostMaster range allows a 2 man team to install posts faster, quieter and safer than conventional falling weight machines. The Hydraulic Post Drivers are a fully engineered attachment with rugged construction built to last and capable of up to a massive 180 posts/hour can be achieved.

Servicing only requires the change of the gear box oil once a year or 500hrs of use, 250 to 300hrs or earlier with a contractor's/farmer's use. The internal parts are self lubricating with the hydraulic oil. The high pressure motor seal is compatible with the excavator or loader auxiliary double acting hydraulic service. The rubber buffers with a good operator should last at least 24 months. The bolt torque is 25Nm. Host machines must be well maintained, if the host machine is not kept in good condition it could have an adverse effect on the PostMaster’s performance and longevity.

The unique hydraulic clamp holds the post securely with minimal damage to the tops, it also allows the post extraction for old posts or repositioning of new ones. The jaws can be opened and closed by applying forward and reverse flow.

The simple connection to all makes and models of excavators gives the user a versatile machine ideal for Fencing Contractors, Vineyards, Landscape Gardeners using the attachment full time, to the occasional fencer. The robust design welcomes hire fleet users and is a great addition to the attachment fleet.

For Bobcats, Sid steers and Front end loaders you may need a ballast/weight to aid with downward force as these host machines are designed to primarily lift.

The flow rate will also need to be controlled as these host machines generally use a high flow rate.

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